Opening Ceremony

Patricia J. García, FASPA- UPCH y Fernando Leanes, OPS


How do we understand ONE HEALTH?

Ottorino Cosivi, PANAFTOSA-OPS/OMS


Animal health and its economic impact

Jaime Romero, IICA


Surveillance and control of zoonotic diseases from a perspective of ONE HEALTH

William Valderrama, SENASA-Peru


EBOLA: A disease arising from human-environment interaction

Alejandro Llanos, FASPA


ONE HEALTH in action: The model for eliminating cysticercosis in Peru

Javier Bustos, UPCH


Roundtable: Challenge and commitment to implement ONE HEALTH in Peru

Néstor Falcón, FAVEZ-UPCH, Patricia J. García, FASPA-UPCH, Ana Riviere-Cinnamond, OPS, Marco Vigilato, OPS


Conclusion and closing statements

Néstor Falcón, FAVEZ-UPCH




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